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Graco filters

Product description

Bag Filter
Bag filters are a great solution for filtering high volumes of liquid . They are simple, economical, and effective . This filter works well in conjunction with any of our high quality, high volume pumps. Graco’s high capacity filters extend the time between filter changes which is ideal for large circulation systems in which downtime is not an option .

Red Alert
Red Alert filters are a unique filtering option . The integrated Red Alert Pop Up Indicator signals the user that it is time to change the filter . This minimizes operator error and the need for check sheets or maintenance schedules. It also keeps filters from clogging and ensures your operation runs more efficiently.

High Pressure
Graco’s high pressure filter is ideal for high or low pressure finishing applications to reduce material usage during flushing to save you money . The design also resists wear and damage from even the most corrosive and abrasive materials . Whether used on a spray package, a 2K catalyst system or circulation out-feed, this versatile filter won’t let you down.


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