Overhead conveyor system

Product description

Overhead Conveyors transport light to medium weight overhead material, cost effective through manufacturing or paint lines, thereby, overcoming gradients or curves and can be kilometres long. Temperatures up to 400°C or explosion-proof zone do not pose a problem for them.

In the process, the Kewesta overhead conveyor systems take an absolute top-ranking position. Due to the partially patented cardan joint chain, which has proved its worth afresh in thousand conveyor systems every day, Kewesta can overcome even most difficult layouts with little radii, without the chain jerking. Kewesta chains belong to the lightest on the market and due to their pre-stretch before despatch, they do not elongate by in-feed process; reaching a safe operating point much faster for optimum production.


  • Design of the complete conveyor system
  • Spare parts and express service for spare parts
  • Installation by highly skilled and experienced personnel
  • Commissioning and Inspection
  • Modification and extension of existing conveyor systems


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