Power & Free conveyor

Product description

When the planned materials flow gets more complicated and a simple overhead conveyor is not sufficient, you immediately focus on the so-called power and free.

The name is originally from America and describes the basic idea. Transport units that can engage and disengage itself in a continuously running chain, is running in a double-track arrangement. Kewesta Power and Free Systems are based on the outstanding chain features of partially patented cardan joint chains. These are the basis for a possible smoth drive and thus allowing longer conveyor lines with very few drives. Through weight optimised chains or alternatively also maintenance-free drives, operational costs are reduced considerably compared with the competitors’ products.


  • Design of the complete conveyor system
  • Spare parts and express service for spare parts
  • Installation by highly skilled and experienced personnel
  • Commissioning and Inspection
  • Modification and extension of existing conveyor systems


Kewesta conveyor - catalogue

Kewesta chain - catalogue

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