Station for feeding and dosing two-component resin for battery packs


A robotic station for feeding and dosing two-component resin to battery packs.

The position consists of the following elements:

  • Two-component resin feeding system, consisting of two pressure vessels with a capacity of 36L each, one for each of the components, a vacuum pump for degassing the A component and an air dryer for aerating the tanks.
  • A dosing system consisting of a set of two gear pumps, driven by geared motors. Gear pumps draw material from pressure tanks, dispensing a specific, calibrated volume to a dosing valve located on the robot. The dosing system will be equipped with a component A circulation system. A circulation valve will be mounted on the robot’s arm and a dosing valve to which a static mixer will be attached.
  • YAKASAWA GP12 industrial robot, seated on a common frame of the station.
  • An indexed rotary table, built into a common frame of the station. Rotary table equipped with 4 workspaces on which fixtures will be attached, adjusted to the manufactured reference of the battery pack.
  • Heating zones for battery packs, equipped with infrared heaters, ensuring the possibility of precise regulation of the heating temperature of flooded packets.
  • Cooling zone equipped with a duct air conditioner that circulates air through the cooling zone.
  • A control system that enables parameterization of the workstation through the HMI panel.