Automated paint shop for rubber profiles


The stand for rubber profiles (seals) loading/unloading on a trolley with installed hangers is located in front of the spray booth. The stand is equipped with two lighting fittings and a control panel enabling the control of the paint shop operation. Behind the spray booth there is a tunnel for heating and drying of details. The tunnel is equipped with a heating system based on ceramic infrared radiators and central extraction. The details put on the hangers move between the stands using mounted trolley driven by a servo drive. There are 4 tags on the trolley. Two pendants for left seals and two for right seals. Pendants can be easily replaced adapting the paint shop for an other types of details painting. The paint shop was made in a compact, modular form. Easy transport within the hall is possible thanks to the wheels with mechanical locks installed.

The entire paint shop consists of the following elements:

  • Loading / unloading station,
  • Pre-heating / preheating tunnel,
  • Spray booth,
  • Transport trolley,
  • Varnish feeding and spraying system,
  • Control cabinet with operator panel.


Watch the implementation video